Adult Learning and Self-Sufficiency

There are lots of ways to assert one’s self-sufficiency and I’m learning that as a recently-single woman, there are a ton of little things that I have to learn to do. And I have to learn to do them well enough that men aren’t going to step in and mansplain to me how/why I’m doing it incorrectly. I’m afraid if they do that, they’ll catch a head-kick, ya know?  

I’m lucky to live near a community education center that offers kids classes as well as adult classes. I signed myself up for some pretty basic classes: Financial Literacy for Single Mothers, Go-To Guide to Government Assistance, and Maintaining a Family After the Romance Dies. And on a whim, I signed myself up for a kids’ match class. I was always really poor at math in formal schooling and I’d get around it by taking the remedial, excelling in writing, and allowing people to note that “girls are just not as good with numbers” as an excuse for my apathy.   

No longer satisfied to attribute a lack of interest to a biological intellectually inferior excuse, I am now taking (surrounded by literal 8-year olds) a beginner’s math class. I’m going to start completely from scratch, find out what I’m truly capable of, and use that to enrich the rest of my life. I’m currently working on completing an equivalent fractions worksheet to better understand fractions and the variety of ways they are communicated. It’s not particularly *interesting* but it makes me feel good about myself to suddenly understand something that has always seemed complicated.  

Plus, maybe better understanding fractions will also help me feel more confident in my financial literacy as my ex-husband uses varied language to talk money when we meet in hopes of confusing me. Hopefully I’ll get 100/100 or 100% or “all” of what I want during the divorce negotiations!