It’s hard to develop good hobbies when you’re on this tight of a budget, but I have a few go-tos to keep me busy.

  1. I want to go to every museum in this city, and most of them have free days. I request those days off work and spend the day getting myself there, learning the public transit routes, exploring everything inside, taking myself out for lunch somewhere new, and having one extravagant cocktail to cap it off. This is about a $30 day and gives me so much pleasure.
  2. Thrift stores in different parts of the city have such different findings. I like to go to as many as possible to find suitable workwear and lifewear options as I can afford. It’s remarkable what people with money give up to just get more of the same.
  3. There are so many storytelling events in the city – people with pasts getting up on a stage and telling their past into a microphone. In a city where I can feel so happily alone so much of the time, it’s so enriching to hear my neighbors and community members share their own lives, struggles, triumphs, embarrassments. It’s impossible to be alone here.